The Water Element in Yoga

We can learn a lot from water.

Water is the only element that defies gravity, like the capillary action of water travelling up a plant’s stem. Water complements and cleans our earth. It covers, shapes and moulds our earth’s surface. Water dances and flows along streams and rivers.  It washes away dirt, dust and disease. Water changes state. It takes the form of whatever holds it, yet it is shapeless. Most importantly water provides life.

When looking into the properties of water and what we can learn from it about ourselves and our well-being, I like to compare it to the Chinese Tai philosophy of Wu Wei. As water always takes the path of least resistance, so can we. If we allow rather than control our lives, things may flow more easily. If we are able to adapt to change and move around obstacles with ease, then we allow ourselves to find more joy.

Share this Water Salutation with your pupils. It is fun and stimulating.

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