10 Breathing Techniques

Breathing can be used to energise, to calm or to focus. Breathing can help to regulate emotions.

Use these breathing techniques in your class with your pupils or as an aid to your homeschooling program.

Lions Breath

Try Lions Breath when you have lots of energy or you feel angry and frustrated.

Make it fun! You can make a deep Lions growl or just breath out.

Remember BIG wide fingers, BIG wide eyes, BIG wide mouth and stick your tongue out as far as you can!

5-Finger Breathing

Try 5-Finger Breathing when you are finding it hard to focus and concentrate.

Follow your finger with your eyes.

Make sure movement is slow and steady.

Fire Dragon Breath

Try Fire Dragon Breath if you need to release tension and stress.

Make sure you bend your front knee.

Try to breath out slowly for as long as you can breathe out your fire!

Open your mouth wide when you breath out.

Mantra Breathing

Try Mantra Breathing any time you feel negative, stressed or worried.

Will help you feel positive and confident.

You can say ‘Peace begins with me’ or make up your own positive affirmation.

Here are some below to help you if you can’t think of any:

I am really kind

I am super strong

I can do it

Yes, yes, yes, yes!

I’m filled with love

I am feeling great

Mudra Breathing

Try Mudra Breathing any time you feel negative, worried or unable to concentrate.

Make sure your spine is straight and tall

Lightly touch your fingers over your thumb

You can close your eyes or keep them open

Hot Air Balloon Breath

Use Hot Air Balloon to energise

You can blow a raspberry as you let all the air out!

Try to breathe out for as long as you can.

Space Breathing

Try space breathing to focus and calm.

Make sure you have a quiet space.

Build up your exhales slowly.

Helicopter Breath

Try Helicopter breath to improve focus and concentration

Spin one way and then try in the opposite direction.

Make sure you look at your fingers.

You can pretend you are Peter Parker and spin a web with your fingers.

Pom Pom Breath

Try Pom Pom breath to make your lungs stronger

If you do not have a Pom Pom you can get a small piece or paper and screw it up.

Make sure get down really low to move the Pom Pom.

Feather Breathing

Try Feather Breathing to make your lungs stronger and to calm your mind.

If you do not have a feather, try using a thin tissue to blow instead.

You need to be underneath the feather to blow it upwards

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